artXsales is a safe, simple solution to streamline money movement and reduce the fees normally associated with transferring large sums of money. Whether your client is across the street or across the globe, artXsales offers comfort to parties who do not know one another personally.
Our seamless solution for your sales can help break through impasses that may arise due to lack of trust. For example, the buyer can deposit funds with artXsales while they inspect the artwork to verify authenticity or provenance.

artXsales will:

  • Automate and expedite money movement in your transactions.
  • Prepare the paperwork and handle administration associated with the receipt of funds and payment of intermediaries so you can focus on closing deals.
  • Collect and distribute funds in accordance with your instructions, including, for example, the purchase price, buyers’ premiums, seller commissions, and listing fees.
  • Maintain all financial and sensitive information in your private Vault for record-keeping purposes and in the event of an audit by a regulatory agency.
  • All money movement services through artXsales are carried out in the Vault, keeping your confidential client information safe.
  • Operate globally with highly competitive transaction fees and foreign exchange rates
  • Integrate with our AML due diligence compliance services, including our Sanctions Search and Know Your Customer Search.
  • Provide you with a standard form sales agreement that protects you in the transaction.