Sanctions Search

Find out whether a potential buyer is under a US or international sanction. If they are, then it is illegal to do business with them. Minimize the risk of unwittingly engaging in a sanctioned transaction which would put you and your business at risk of incurring criminal charges and penalties. To carry out the Sanctions Search the potential purchaser has to provide personal identifying information. Your private Vault preserves the confidentiality of sensitive personal information received during the ASV Sanctions Search.

Sanctions databases are dynamic and updated regularly by the authorities. ASV will provide you with a report that captures the date and time of the transaction to protect you in the event that you are dealing with a person who is subsequently added to a sanctions list.

The ASV Sanctions Search can be conducted in minutes, even at the point of sale.

To expedite the search, we recommend collecting a copy of the buyer’s government-issued photo identification to provide the necessary information.